This is Wayne.

Let’s get him into rehab.

Watch Wayne now & four months before. Turn up the volume.

Click the vids below. Check out the info below the clips.

Wayne Smith comprehends, is fully ‘on it,’ talks and communicates. ~ January 2020

Wayne dances with his kids and grandkids. ~ August 2019, four months prior to his stroke

Wayne takes the grand kids horseback riding. ~ August 2019, four months prior to his stroke

In this one conversation watch Wayne as he laughs, talks, shows emotion, just as anyone of us would, and as he would prior to his stroke on January 3rd. Additionally, we all found him to be just as communicative when he first ‘woke up,’ when he was in neuro intensive on floor five.

Wayne has fully comprehended us and attended to in-depth matters as his request such as cancelling plane tickets and lodging, full banking concerns, etc. He’s also showing the full range of human emotions appropriately. We have umpteen amounts of evidence. This one we filmed.

See Wayne now & four months before.

Scroll through images and click for narrative.

Know Wayne.

Activities in Last 4 Months

  • Playing tennis with kids and grandkids (1 hour or more sessions)

    Biking many kilometres


    Horseback riding

    Playing pool

    Travelling to Europe for 1 month, walking extensively and summiting Mont St. Michel, France

    Active ice hockey player until recently

    Climbing very tall waterslides where even fit young adults have difficulty

Elder, Minister & Language

  • Volunteer teacher 3 x per week

    Lectures of up to one hour continuously

    Meeting twice a week with 5 – 50 minute lectures

    Works with community extensively

    Visits people in hospitals and homes where they need care

    Travels to help and deliver lectures in lower mainland

    Active volunteer elder for about 55 years

    MANDARIN Chinese: Spent 9 years in Mandarin congregations learning, speaking and reading the language, include giving lectures in Mandarin for up to 30 minutes each to audiences of up to 800 Mandarin-speaking peoples

Interests & Work

  • A true foodie: makes his own bacon, wine from scratch (old way) for 45 years

    Hosts about 2 meals a night at his home where he and his wife chef up meals for loved ones

    In his 70’s he’s travelled to Europe alone three times and walks and hikes and drives, even in English tiny isles where the roads are on the other side, with stick shift and with the narrowest roads possible

    Recent years done his own extensive renovations on homes, drywall, painting, flooring, etc.

    Has worked hard and honestly for good part of 60 years

Physiatrists, let’s get Wayne into inpatient rehabilitation.

We want Wayne in speech therapy and inpatient rehab. Considering his recent past and playing pool when his stroke occurs. He’s healthy, strong and determined, just a little winded (understandably) at present.

June Smith, wife, Durable Power of Attorney agent (as per Wayne’s file)
604 961 6458 ~ call anytime, please

Camilla Smith, daughter, also Durable Power of Attorney agent (as per Wayne’s file)
778 822 2264 ~ call anytime, please

Fax is better? Send to our confidential fax number 1 (888) 662-1088‬.

Thank you.